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Roadhead's Boring Life

One more man leading a life of quiet desperation.

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27 July
I Code, I Game, I Read, I Listen, I Play, I Dance, I Write.
3d studio max, a perfect circle, acting, alex mack, american beauty, anti-mtv, apache, asimov, asus, banned for life, beastie boys, ben folds, ben folds five, big lebowski, blade runner, blue hair, boston public, bryan singer, c++, cameras, capitolism, chick-fil-a, component video, computer gaming, computer hardware, computers, counter-strike, dance dance revolution, dancing, dave foley, dave grohl, david fincher, ddr, digital imaging, digital video, door games, dr. pepper, dreamcast, dv, dvd, edward norton, etbu, ethernet, expelled, eyebrows, fight club, film, flip flops, foo fighters, fraggle rock, frank black, futurama, gigabit, green day, guy pearce, guy ritchie, hair dye, half life, harvey danger, hum, imdb, intel, inwin, irc, jimmy eat world, john mayer, kevin spacey, kissing, layer 3, linux, live music, lowtax, making people mad, malcom in the middle, manic panic, martial arts, marvelous 3, memento, monty python, movies, mp3, music, network+, nforce2, nvidia, osi model, phantasy star online, photography, photoshop, php, pissing people off, pixies, plextor, pro-life, project mayhem, pso, q3, quantum leap, r.e.m., red hat, requiem for a dream, reservoir dogs, rockin' the suburbs, routing, rss, scsi, singing, smashing pumpkins, sql, star trek, star trek: tng, star wars, stone temple pilots, subaru, sublime, superdrag, switching, tech support, television, the daily show, the family guy, the onion, the scabs, the simpsons, the toadies, the usual suspects, they might be giants, tjc, tmbg, tool, torrent, transformers, trinitron, trivia, trivial pursuit, tv, tyler, tyler durden, tyler junior college, unix, usenet, video editing, video games, vodka, website design, weezer, wega, windows xp, xbox

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